Sunday, September 26, 2010


Summer is officially over and it is 103 degrees outside. to beat the heat here are some ice cream places i've been to recently:

LAKE STREET CREAMERY - tried lake street creamery yesterday finally! we tried a scoop of  the doughnut flavor which should've been made into an ice cream float, but that's what next time is for and their 5 o'clock shadow special called the don draper (yes, from mad men) which was described as bourbon, vanilla, smoke, and caramel. it doesn't sound appealing at all and it wasn't.hahaha, but i love mad men so much i paid $4.00 for it, gagged, then threw it away. hahahaha oh well.

cute waffle bowls and wooden spoons
i just noticed they had their own trash cans matching their truck!
some of the menu


and because of their don draper flavor, they went on a visit to the set of MAD MEN!

SCOOPS - heard about this place a lot and was excited to finally try it! they had many different combinations of flavors! alex & i had 4 scoops, 4 different flavors which is really "2 SCOOPS" on their menu. "1 SCOOP" is really two regular scoops. can't remember, but trying to research, the exact flavors we tried but it went something like this: passion fruit blueberry, banana bread something, maple beer batter i think, red wine and lychee, apricot and ugh  you get the picture. there were so many odd pairings, i think we sampled about everything and the girl who was helping us was friendly and had lots of patience, haha. the flavors are all unusual but surprisingly good, refreshing, and yummy!



here's a portrait by a favorite photographer ye rin mok of owner Tai Kim on the left..  i think

other places to try again and for the first time:
pazzo gelato
milk again
lake street again
scoops again

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