Thursday, September 23, 2010


no, not the addicting iphone app game! i know it is a little bit early, but i'm already thinking about my halloween costume. every year my costumes are always last minute and really never thought out. But maybe that'll change this year.. here's idea #1: Tippi Hedren from Hitchcock's THE BIRDS! i know i am not blonde, won't go blonde, and can't afford a realistic wig, but this idea is just too funny/clever


all i would need:
  1. blonde hair
  2. black heels
  3. green.. what kind of green is that? dark pastel green, light moss green? dress
  4. matching jacket
  5. 60s vintage purse
  6. necklace
  7. black birds, headband, wristbands, and ones to pin on shirt
  8. fake blood
i've found some online but they're $50+!

 i still have time to look and put this together myself, but we'll see...

maybe my boyfriend can be Alfred Htichcock hahahaha or a boid (bird)

PS. other ideas for me: pee wee herman, alex from clockwork orange, ... how can i slut these up?? hahaha

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