Monday, September 27, 2010


As I lay in bed in my room upstairs at about a little over 80 degrees.. trying to keep cool while watching netflix online, my Honeywell REMOTE CONTROLLED fan drowns out any sound coming from my computer, specifically Daniel Tosh's voice (hahaha ;) ), forcing me to chose. Either be hot and entertained till i fall asleep OR be somewhat cool and lay in silence till i fall asleep. Yeah the normal person would say just go to bed with the fan on and no computer.. ahem, ALEX hahaha (HOI BTW!!)

anyways, this dilemma made me think about something that I've had my eye on for a little bit. THE KINDA NEW DYSON AIR MULTIPLIER!!! I think Dyson is such an innovative company with cool yet uselful takes on houshold products aka the bagless, dual cyclone, Dyson Ball yellow vacuum! i want that too. but anyways, back to the air multiplier.

just watching this video though almost put me right to sleep.... but don't let boring ol' physics turn you off!

this one on the other hand.. very entertaining

Dyson Balloon Course @ Yahoo! Video

i want to test drive one! maybe on my next target trip

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