Tuesday, August 24, 2010


the carnitas burger, tasted just like a pork taco.. in a form of a burger! it had, from what i remember, tortilla crispy strips, homemade juicy pork carnitas, jalapeƱo sour cream, & with some help of the internet, guajillo sauce (which i think is red sauce)

this is the SoCal burger & a truffle burger, i can't remember what was in it though :/ gotta go again and try it once more! and then one more time after that.
this is the umamix6 burger! look at that Parmesan crisp, the caramelized onions, & that cute little ketchup infused bun to top it all off.
it may not look like it is very filling but it is

here is a really good article and look into umami oh and just remembered that a new one a little closer to me will open up very soon!

PS father's office's only burger on the menu is just as good. there are two locations 1. santa monica, 2. culver city.

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