Monday, June 21, 2010

paris 1962

paris 1962: ysl & dior is a book i've been admiring ever since it was released. here is a product description: On assignment for Esquire magazine in 1962, fashion photographer and filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg documented the ultra-exclusive world of French haute couture in stunning photographs of famous fashion icons. All the glamour and drama of the runway is presented, including images of Yves Saint Laurent’s first collection after leaving Dior, as well as tastemakers such as Diana Vreeland and American Vogue editor Jessica Daves mingling in the chic crowds. As an insider, Schatzberg was permitted entry into the private, behind-the-scenes world of the models and photographers, which he reveals in candid images of renowned photographers such as Helmut Newton, William Klein, Hiro, and Norman Parkinson perfecting their glamour shots.Schatzberg’s images embody an era in fashion history, and document the glamour, intrigue, and opulence of the Parisian runway shows. With an eye for subtle moments of elegance, drama, and humor, Schatzberg captures the essence of the period’s style and grace.

in lue of not buying the $75.00 book, i longingly look at the scans on flickr of some of the images, though not the same at all as the book itself, is still satisfying. these just SOME are my favorites:

a prelude to a kiss

like audrey
young lovers
poodle food
laughter & cake

i don't know if those are the actual titles of the photographs.. just got whatever it said on flickr. well, one day i will own that book. i saw it half off at a borders that was closing down but couldn't afford it at the time! but any matter, i love these photos, the candidness, the sincerity, and happiness in them!!

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